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Happy mother’s Day!

The mother as a physical being is one we experience as the deepest connection and love.

The concept of mother is one of care, attention, guidance, nurturing, understanding and so much more.

The womb is full of wonder, vastness creation and possibility.

The sacrifices made by our mothers to give us all that we need cannot be undermined. The level of respect and connection that stems from this care and sacrifice that is so intertwined with motherhood is absolutely precious.

As an archetypal concept, the mother offers this connection, love, care and infinite possibility to be connected to anything or anyone. We can apply this concept to ourselves, to our work, to those who have influenced us, a spiritual focus, etc.

Sending the focus to interconnectedness- let’s all focus on our mother today. Shower yourself, your mother, those around you, the nature surrounding you, your thoughts with love, care, attention, understanding…

Define mother for yourself and let this be what you give and receive today!

With love,


Karena Kalinuk