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Let’s take a skin care journey together..

What is a Bespoke Lifestyle facial?


/bəˈspōk/. adjective

  1. made for a particular customer or user.

    "a bespoke suit"


/ˈlīfˌstīl/. noun

  1. the way in which a person or group lives.

    "the benefits of a healthy lifestyle"


/ˈfāSHəl/. adjective 

  1. of or affecting the face.

    "facial expressions"


  1. a beauty treatment for the face.

To begin a Bespoke service, all tools must be readily available-Thai poultice ready to be steamed, an array of products, multiple styles of Gua Sha tools made from various stones, Chinese medicine tools that offer Yin and Yang properties, stretched hands ready to maintain a neutral touch to be able to feel what the body is needing. We set the space to allow for your total comfort and to allow you to fall easily into repair mode. Energetically, the space is cleared with sage and sound healing prior to each service.

To begin, we need to do a thorough verbal assessment to understand where you are now, where you have been and your goals. We discuss emotional and physical history as this discussion allows your belief system to show itself. Our beliefs directly effect our physical self and play a large role in our time together. I may encourage you to be kind to that portion of your skin that you speak negatively about. Giving this simple shift in attention begins and enhances the healing process.

The hands on assessment is next and takes place during our entire service. I will be feeling for dehydration, tightness, slack in the tissue, holding patterns, stagnation, puffiness, firmness, heat, stored feelings and more.

As we move through our service, each next move is decided based on what responses we are getting in the tissue, skin and nervous system. Every service is likely to be different. This bespoke practice not only gives you what you need for results, but it also builds an environment of acceptance. Acceptance of where you are right now and what is true.

Lifestyle is a unique term to attach to a singular beauty service. The reasons this is important to our approach is yes, we are a team; yet more importantly, you are your own healer. A part of your service is ongoing information and available tools to give you the best home care. 2-20 minutes daily is all it takes. We create practices and rituals that fit your lifestyle. 2 minutes for some people is very overwhelming, and we honor that. We will not try to force you into a regimen that you will not practice. Lifestyle also means that you are working in harmony with yourself. You are not forcing. Just as things take time to accumulate, you will be kept up if you keep up. Regular practices, even tiny, maintain homeostasis. The goal is not for you to come in and have no idea how your esthetician gets your skin that way. The goal is for you to leave feeling rested, lifted, less inflamed, accepting of yourself, connected to your body, feeling positive, etc. You can continue all of this at home as you are your own healer. The largest benefit of a Lifestyle facial is that the results are accumulative. You will relate to yourself more deeply. The in studio treatments have an effect that is meant to create long lasting change. Your home care aids the system in avoiding daily accumulation from life that is not beneficial to your goals.

Facial is the term you came for potentially. It is the term you have heard before. You may have an expectation of what this looks like and what it may include. Bespoke and Lifestyle are meant to give you an idea of what to expect-this may be to not have such expectations. With your skin being your largest organ, the face being completely fascinating, and everything being interconnected, we take a whole body approach. Taking into consideration all of the factors affecting the face is how we begin a beauty treatment for the face. The goal of the facial portion is to bring forward your personal brand of beauty and to showcase it through health.

With love,


Karena Kalinuk