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The anatomy and importance of an open heart




  1. the membrane enclosing the heart, consisting of an outer fibrous layer and an inner double layer of serous membrane.

The Pericardium maintains a unique chamber for the heart to function in. Held in place by strong ligaments that connect with the diaphragm, sternum (breast plate), spinal column, throat and base of the cranium. This beautiful set of connections allows the heart to stay fixed and and move within the boundaried space.

When we have stress, no matter the cause, tension is created. Tension tightens the muscles and the connective tissue surrounding these muscles. Overtime, as the tension remains a constant, the ligaments and tendons are also pulled. The many attachments of the pericardium make it very responsive to breath, the health of the spine, head and neck. Overtime, the heart will be affected by this tension and begin to lose vitality. This constant pressure changes the environment that the heart is living in and affects blood pressure, hormone production, emotional release and more. In essence, our entire being is effected.

It is vital that we become aware of when we are closing in on ourselves as a protective mechanism. This is a natural response and serves as a signal to give ourselves care. Maintenance of an open chest and heart can be accomplished through massage, breath work and yoga to name a few.

During esthetics services, we are able to loosen the sternum to assist in this opening and create an awareness of the differences in feeling closed versus open. This may allow your body to release some stored emotion over time that may be contributing to the tightness. Incorporating cranial and cervical spine holds and movements, we are furthering the release and support needed to maintain. The thought alone of this makes me take a deep breath of relief.

Some tools for your home care heart vitality:

Yin Yoga for the heart chakra @yoga_with_kassandra

How to disrupt worry @heartmathinstitute

A quick breath work meditation-4 minutes total

Gratitude to @Yakov_Gersokovich for shedding light unto this opportunity to heal

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